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Lego Knights' Kingdom Castle Wall (8799)

4 stars
Knights Kingdom Castle Wall

The easy way to put together with the Knights' Kingdom Castle Wall ! I actually liked that it has includes jayko, santis and rascus knights. Additional features include things like produced in 2004 and recommended for ages 6+. Barcode number 673419061131. To find the best price on this Knight set along with other products, check out our store link below.


Model: 8799
UPS: 673419061131

8799 Knights' Castle Wall Lego Set Defend the castle! Barricade the gates and guard the walls, and if enemies get too close, tip the cauldron over the side to provide the villains an unexpected surprise! Castle Talonjay is under siege! Join Jayko and his fellow Knights of Morcia as they defend their castle from Vladek's attack.


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