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Lego Knights Kingdom Dracus

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Knights Kingdom Dracus

These Kingdom castle sets is available in brown. A listing of features are slashing dragon sword and new collectable dracus metal can. It comes with a warranty of please check with the regarding warranty and support issues by the manufacturer. Purchasing the Knights Kingdom Dracus , select the link below.


Model: 8705
UPS: 673419078177
Color: BROWN
Package Quantity: 1

Dracus will most likely be the mighty Rogue Knight from the Dragon. As leader from the Rogue Knight horde, this scarred warrior is rough, tough and cruel. Slashing dragon sword! NEW Collectable Dracus metal can! He's led a hundred armies into battle, and thanks to his Rogue iron armor and slashing dragon-claw sword, he's never known defeat!


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