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Lego Knights Kingdom Mistlands Tower

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Knights Kingdom Mistlands Tower
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Children of any age will like build with the Knights Kingdom Mistlands Tower from Lego! In my opinion, you will like that the item features this feature, constructs a castle tower and mobile catapult. Other highlights include 431-piece medieval-themed playset. 008823 is the product number for this amazing Lego set. It's 18.62" Height x 2.75" Length x 14.9" Width, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.


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Lego's Knights Kingdom line can be a fictitious take on Medieval European history, with a story about a very good king defending his folks against Vladek the Evil. Inside the box you'll find nine parts bags, a sheet of 10 decals, instructions, and two Knight's Kingdom Challenge Cards. --Porter B. Hall Tower defenses contain a reinforced gates, catapult, and a booby trap that knocks invaders off the castle walls, but Vladek is still a threat with his personal catapult and powerful red sword. Mistlands Tower comes with 431 pieces as well as a full-color, illustrated instruction booklet that diagrams model construction in 54 steps. The set comes with seven minifigs, like a spooky skeleton plus a horse. The Challenge Cards are component of a collectable card game where players will use card values to"joust"each other, adding a new amount of fun to the story. Also included is an illustrated block inventory with element numbers, in case you need to ever re-order a replacement block, and an eight-page Knight's Kingdom comic.


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