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Lego Knights Kingdom Rogue Knight Battleship

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Knights Kingdom Rogue Knight Battleship
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It's my opinion you will like that the item features includes drascus, sir kentis, and rogue knight mini figures. Additional features include things like for ages 7-14 years and contains 152 pieces. It's dimensions are 11.5"H x 2"L x 11.3"W. It has a weight of 0.9 lbs. To find the best offer on this item together with other products, click on our store link on this page.


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Set sail for plunder! Can Sir Kentis safeguard the kingdom and drive the invaders away with his defense tower catapult' Includes Drascus, Sir Kentis, and Rogue Knight mini-figures. 152 pieces. The dreaded Rogue Knight Battleship sets sail for Morcia with a catapult, a retractable anchor, and also the evil warlord Drascus in the helm.


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