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Lego Knights Kingdom Santis (8785)

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Knights Kingdom Santis
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For everybody who is interested in a Lego set We've put together information. Knights Kingdom Santis is a fun Lego set. L3-LLVM-14C8 is the model number for this item. Will your son or daughter really be pleased with the product? You may read about the experiences people's boy or girl experienced while using the product. Selecting a Knights Kingdom Santis .


Model: 8785
UPS: 673419053815

Strongest of them all! Set includes 3 collectible cards! The bear marks his shield. His brute strength makes some guys and females fear him, but his friends know he is a good and noble Knight. Santis has the sheer energy to win practically any challenge - but he is also a sharp planner who always thinks ahead. 50 pieces.

The LEGO Knights Kingdom line manages to combine the ever-popular globe of knights in shining armor, monstrous dragons, and wizened wizards with the increasingly popular genre of collectible card games. This set of 47 pieces also sports three game cards to appeal to both construction toy and card game fans. He certainly looks ursine with his big thick beard and burly build and he sports the image of a big snarling bear on his red and gray shield. Santis also wields a silver sword, which is sure to safeguard him in case he runs up against any actual bears. Its all LEGO, of course, so even when you get tired of building the genuinely same knight over and over, you can combine the bricks to build practically something else you can imagine. The pieces might be employed to construct Santis, a knight who is modeled after a bear in a lot of diverse respects. --Charlie Williams


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