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Lego Knights Kingdom Set #6096 Bull's Attack

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Knights Kingdom Set 6096 Bulls Attack

Snap the idea together with the Knights Kingdom Set . The model number for this fantastic product is 6096. The features are great gift for any occasion, add to your lego collection and fun for imagination play. Buying the Knights Kingdom Set . To buy the product now at the lowest price, visit the add to cart button on this page.


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Plan an attack to capture the castle. Plus, a giant battering ram for knocking down the castle gates! Includes 3 knights and 1 prisoner carrying swords, axes, and bows and arrows. Let the battle start! You're armed with two catapults that genuinely shoot too as a cannon that blasts a cannonball high over enemy walls.

The medieval world of mounted knights, catapults, and siege machines comes to life with this LEGO Castle Bull's Attack playset. The 307-piece set comes complete with 3 separate siege machines, including two hand-activated catapults, 1 spring-loaded cannon, along with a big movable battering ram. An illustrated brochure provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step assembly instructions. --Chris Burns The set also comes getting a horse figure, a flag, and a number of distinct battle accessories. Other LEGO Knight's Kingdom sets are sold separately. You can arm any with all the 3 knight figures in this set getting a selection of diverse weapons, including swords, battle-axes, and crossbows, also as helmets and shields. Part from the LEGO Knight's Kingdom series, this colorful playset represents one group of knights (the Bulls) as they prepare to attack the castle of their enemies (the Lions ).


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