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Lego Knights Kingdom Sir Danju

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Knights Kingdom Sir Danju
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I will reveal to you this excellent Kngdom set titled brought to you by Lego. One of the several key features for this Lego set is the defeats any foe using his new alendan twist-slash action maneuver. Other features include things like includes new armor, sword and shield and stands over 7. 5 inches/19 cm high. The product number for this is 8791. Brand new Knights Kingdom Sir , click on the link below.


Model: 8791
UPS: 673419055772

Sir Danju strikes again! 5 inches/19 cm high! Ages 6+ 45 Pieces 8791 Lego * Includes new armor, sword and shield. A brave hero, the Knight of the Wolf is the wisest warrior in each of the land. * Stands over 7. His skill and raw energy mean Sir Danju can turn the tide of any battle! * Defeats any foe employing his new Alendan Twist-Slash action maneuver!


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