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Lego Knights Kingdom Sir Santis

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Knights Kingdom Sir Santis

I certainly loved that it has features new twist and slash movement, the orkosan side-sweep. Additional features consist of includes new armor, sword and shield and stands over 7. 5 inches/19 cm high. Shopping for Knights Kingdom Sir . To get the best price on this item in addition to other products, visit the shopping cart button on this site.


Model: 8794
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Nothing can quit Sir Santis! The mighty Knight with the Bear has turn out to be even a lot more effective! Now there's no wall he can't smash, no stone he can't lift, and no enemy he can't defeat with his new sword-fighting moves! * Includes new armor, sword and shield. * Stands more than 7. * Features new twist and slash movement, the Orkosan Side-Sweep. 5 inches/19 cm high! Ages 6+ 47 Pieces 8794 Lego


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